American TV bounty hunter DUANE 'DOG' CHAPMAN and two of his co-stars were arrested yesterday (14SEP06) in Hawaii. Chapman, his son LELAND CHAPMAN and TIMOTHY CHAPMAN were brought into custody on suspicion of illegal detention and conspiracy in a kidnapping dating back three years (03). US Marshal MARK HANOHANO says the arrest "went down without incident". MONA K WOOD, publicist for Chapman's show DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER, insists he will be vindicated, "He arrests the bad guys - and he is definitely not one of them." The charges date back to Chapman's apprehension of Max Factor heir ANDREW LUSTER in Puerto Villarta, Mexico, in 2003. Luster had fled the US after being convicted of raping three women, and his capture catapulted Chapman to fame and led to his show being commissioned. US Marshals spokeswoman NIKKI CREDIC says the trio face extradition to Mexico. They were arrested shortly after Luster's capture and released on bail, but they failed to return for court hearings in Puerto Villarta. Mexican authorities wanted Luster turned over to them in 2003, but Chapman refused.