The opening night of U2's world tour proved to be particularly special for frontman BONO - because it allowed him to step away from his gruelling mission to alleviate Africa's troubles.

Bono has devoted much of his life in recent years to humanitarian causes and has regularly bullied politicians into helping the starving and dying in third world countries, as they struggle to survive in the face of famine and poverty.

However, in San Diego, California, on Monday night (28MAR05) Bono returned to the profession that launched him to prominence - and he admits the concert gave him the adrenaline rush he'd been missing.

He says, "Thank God we're back on the stage. The things we're trying to do in Africa can sometimes get a bit heavy so it's great to get out and perform again."

But while he's more than happy to immerse himself in music over the coming months, he's quick to point out his ultimate goal is to help the quality of life for Africans.

He adds, "I genuinely believe that in my lifetime we will see an end to the inequality that exists between Africa and the rest of the world so that we should no longer be embarrassed about it."

30/03/2005 09:05