JOHN BONHAM's drummer son JASON was driven to drink as he wrestled with comparisons to his late famous father.
The legendary Led Zeppelin star passed away in 1980 when his son was just 14 years old, and after taking up his dad's profession as a percussionist, Bonham admits he was haunted by the star's intimidating legacy.
The 44-year-old Foreigner rocker admits he used alcohol as a means of escape and has only been able to step out of his dad's shadow since sobering up.
He tells Nightwatcher's House Of Rock, "At a certain point of my life, it (the comparisons) increased my drinking. I think you can get very bitter and twisted. In my sobriety, though, I've accepted it. You can't avoid it, you know? It's something that will always be there. Yes, it can be a hindrance, but it's also a blessing. In my sobriety, though, the idea is that I just embrace it. You just become happy that you're associated with that kind of legacy... I'm very honoured to play, and to be compared with him at any level. It's fantastic."