Brazilian band BONDE DO ROLE have hinted they are on the verge of splitting. The cult group has just completed a sold-out tour of the U.K., but admit the pressures of fame and success are jeopardising their future. And DJ/MC Rodrigo Gorky concedes some of the band's future dates will be cancelled as a result - including their forthcoming tour of Australia in the new year (08). She says, "We're having internal problems, we are trying to sort things out but meanwhile we are just going to have to cancel some of the shows... We are sorting things out right now. "We played at our normal sold out crowd yesterday (22Nov07) at (London concert venue) Scala, everyone loved it! "We had a stage invasion and all that, it was super fun, but all the stress hit us after that... it became a really nasty thing, let's see if time heals things."