Russian ballet star Sergei Filin has left hospital in Moscow to continue treatment in Germany after an acid attack damaged his eyes and face.

The artistic director of the famed Bolshoi Theatre was walking to his home in the city last month (Jan13) when an unidentified assailant threw the corrosive substance in his face.

He suffered third degree burns and has undergone five operations to save his sight. He will fly to Europe on Monday (04Feb13) to continue recovery.

Filin tells the Bbc, "I've had four operations already and... I had another small operation which wasn't planned. Based on what I feel, when the doctors give me the opportunity to sort of open my eyes and try to see something, I think that there's a chance that I will be able to see my children again. I really want to believe that."

The 42 year old also reveals he knows the identity of his attacker, adding, "Every person has an organ called a heart, and my heart knows who did it, and in my soul I have an answer to that question."