A strike in India's Bollywood film and TV industry is over after executives agreed to implement better pay and working conditions for staff.
Production on both movies and TV shows ground to a halt earlier this week (beg28Sep08) after thousands of technicians and actors walked out.
Unions representing film employees in Mumbai claimed that many of their members have gone without pay for several months and threatened indefinite strike action.
However, Dinesh Chaturvedi, of the Federation of Western India Cine Employees, which represents 147,000 members over 22 unions, has announced that the industry's leaders have accepted their list of conditions.
He says, "The producers have agreed to our demands."
Sushma Shiromanee, from the Indian Motion Picture Producers' Association, also confirmed the news: "The strike is over. We have agreed to the same demands as on the earlier Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)."
Both sides have reportedly signed the MoU detailing wages workers in Mumbai's film and TV studios.
It also included guaranteed wage increases of up to 15 per cent a year.