Bollywood superstar SHAKTI KAPOOR has been filmed by an undercover TV show allegedly asking a reporter, posing as an actress, to have sex with him in return for a movie role.

Kapoor, who has appeared in more than 300 films, denies offering stardom for sex and accuses the INDIA TV channel of framing him.

In the footage, Kapoor tells the journalist, "All actresses have slept with directors. I want to make love to you and kiss you. You must do this or else I won't be able to help you."

India TV chairman RAJAT SHARMA, says, "It's public interest television. People have been talking about corruption and the casting couch in the film industry but until now, they have never actually seen it. We're exposing people in the highest position."

But PEHLAJ NIHALANI, president of ALL INDIA MOTION PICTURES AND TELEVISION PRODUCERS ASSOCIATION insists, "It was a planned conspiracy to defame him."

The clip - which shows Kapoor insisting sexual favours are common within the film industry - has also undermined the morality of India's ruling Congress Party, because he campaigned for the political group last year (04).

16/03/2005 02:58