Bollywood star RAVEENA TANDON has called in Indian police to help her find her missing dog RAMBO.

The actress has been inundated with prank ransom calls claiming to know the whereabouts of her beloved Pomeranian, after she announced the pet had been snatched by two youths at Juhu Beach in Mumbai (Bombay) on Sunday (15JAN06).

She tells newspaper The Times Of India, "We have been advertising about Rambo through papers and cable TV, but my family has been getting dubious ransom calls from unknown people demanding money for his return."

During her desperate search for the Pomeranian, Tandon found a stray look-a-like, which she named BLACKIE. She has since handed that dog over to India's People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals organisation.

The actress has promised to reward anyone who can provide information about her missing dog.