Bollywood director GOLDIE BEHL has been accused of causing the death of a horse that collapsed on the set of his new movie. The animal died on 24 January (07) while Behl was shooting period film DRON in the state of Rajasthan. Animal welfare organisations are accusing Behl of cruelty and demanding a post mortem is carried out on the horse. Mass protests have forced the suspension of the film, which stars ABHISHEKH BACHCHAN, PRIYANKA CHOPRA and JAYA BACHCHAN. Campaigner BABULAL JAJU says, "The use of animals in such violent incidents has to be stopped. When stars are not ready to risk their lives and use stuntmen, are the lives of animals not precious? The reins were tied very tightly and the horses were being made to run a lot. One of them collapsed after severely bleeding from the mouth and to avoid any problems, the unit members buried him a little away from the spot.''