The makers of a new Bollywood movie are hoping the film's general release in India will help solve the real-life mystery of a missing boy. PARZANIA is based on the true story of the disappearance of 13-year-old AZHAR MODY during violent riots in Gujarat, western India in 2002. Anzhar's parents have continued to avidly search for their son over the last five years, but have never found the youngster. But director RAHUL DHOLAKIA is keen to rectify the situation when Parzania opens in Indian cinemas - a picture of Anzhar is displayed at the end of the film in a bid to jog viewers' memories. He says, "One of the most important aims of the film is to help DARA and RUPA MODY find their son Azhar." Rupa, the child's mother, explains, "I was holding my daughter BINAIFER's fingers and she was holding Azhar's arm. We were surrounded by fire in the kitchen and could not see anything. I rushed out with the kids and saw a mob. When I turned to pick up Azhar he was not there." Dara, his father, says, "My heart doesn't believe that my son is not there with us. Watching the movie based on the tragedy of my own life does not disturb me, it has rather encouraged me to continue the hunt for my son." The violent riots erupted when 59 Hindus died in a fire, widely thought to have been started by Muslim groups.