Bollywood film director KAIZAD GUSTAD has been released on bail following his arrest in connection with the tragic death of his British assistant Nadia KHAN.

Londoner Khan, 27, was fatally struck on the tracks at Indian city Mumbai's MAHALAKSHMI station while talking on her mobile phone in May (04).

The BOMBAY BOYS director was taken in custody on 2 June (04) and charged with making false complaint, fabrication of evidence and alleged negligence during the shooting of his latest film BOMBAY CENTRAL - according to a police official.

Officials at Bombay's High Court granted bail to Gustad and two film crew members ASHISH UDESHI and HADLEY D'MELLO on Wednesday (30JUN04).

The lawyer for the three men said the court had ordered them to surrender their passports.

Bombay railway police insist Gustad's crew did not have permission to shoot on the track where the accident happened and Indian police have confirmed the death was initially reported to them as a road accident.

If found guilty, the three could face jail terms of up to 10 years.

02/07/2004 02:28