A body has been found floating in a swimming pool at the home of Bollywood bad guy Ranjeet.

The gruesome discovery was made on Tuesday night (18Mar14) at Ranjeet's property in Mumbai, India. The actor, known for playing villainous roles in more than 200 films, has since confirmed the dead man was identified as his longtime driver, Nagraj Gowda, 44.

Gowda was found floating in the pool by Ranjeet's wife and was later declared dead by doctors at a local hospital. Authorities have launched an investigation.

Ranjeet, real name Gopal Bedi, says of the tragedy, "She (my wife) found his body in our swimming pool. We immediately pulled him out and took him to the hospital, but he was declared dead before admission... We still don't know whether it was (a case of) suicide or by accident. The case is with (police) right now. I really don't know whether he fell into the water or jumped."