Members of Mexican group Kombo Kolombia have been discovered dead in a well near the Texas border following a kidnapping on Friday morning (25Jan13).

The band was performing at a private party in northern Mexico when at least 10 gunmen, linked to a local drug cartel, took the musicians hostage, blindfolded them and bundled them into waiting vehicles.

One band member managed to escape but not before several of his musician friends were shot and killed following an interrogation, and their bodies dumped in the well near the town of Mina.

The survivor, who is not being named in order to protect his identity, led police back to the well on Sunday (27Jan13), and the authorities have since recovered 12 bodies.

In total, 18 band members have been reported as missing, according to The Associated Press.

The fatal kidnapping is believed to be the latest incident in the ongoing war between rival Mexican drug gangs the Gulf and the Zetas.