The 20-year-old hip-hop star is currently behind bars facing a string of charges, including murder, gun possession, drug dealing and conspiracy, following his arrest as part of a police sting in Manhattan in December (14).

In a court hearing on Tuesday (22Apr15), a trial date was set for 25 June (15) and paperwork pertaining to Shmurda's 2014 gun charge that was previously dropped was requested by his attorney, according to

Kenneth Montgomery says, "This is a show and (the prosecutors) have to justify the show. At the trial we'll see what this is really about."

Shmurda will remain in jail until the trial or until he posts $2 million (GBP1.25 million) bail.

Montgomery continues, "What I would want is some reasonableness to take place and that this young man can be given a reasonable bail and get out.

"But I know what we're up against. We're not up against reason. We're up against the rule of law."