Bobbi Brown tried to ''emulate'' her mother's beauty look when she was younger.

The 59-year-old American beauty artist - who launched her cosmetics company in the 90s - has revealed her ''earliest beauty memory'' was watching her parent pamper herself prior to an evening out, which helped Bobbi to learn ''the basics and then some'' about make-up.

The beauty mogul told Stylist magazine: ''My earliest beauty memory is watching my mom put on her make-up on a Saturday night in the sixties. From her I learned the basics and then some.

''She went out every weekend with my dad. She had this big bouffant hair, it looked like cotton candy. That was the style then. She'd do her make-up in her bra and underwear; she had on false eyelashes and high heels, but no clothes yet because she didn't want to ruin her outfit. She'd have a cigarette hanging out the side of her mouth while looking into the mirror and lining her eyes. Then she'd take an ebony pencil and do her eyebrows too, before using a bronzer stick on her cheeks and making her lips the palest colour. All very glamorous.

''When I started to wear make-up I tried to emulate my mom's look.''

However, the brunette beauty has revealed her mother's style didn't suit her and she was forced to come up with her own rules.

She explained: ''But it didn't work on me because I wasn't that glamorous, so I had to make up my own rules.''

And Bobbi has revealed she has designed her products in her beauty brand to make women's beauty routines ''a little bit easier''.

She said: ''My make-up is created with women in mind. And contrary to modern techniques it doesn't have to be complicated. I make it so that women's lives are a little bit brighter and with a few basic skills - a little bit easier.''