Bobbi Brown created her cosmetics label because she wanted an ''edit of the essential'' beauty products.

The 59-year-old make-up artist - who launched her eponymous beauty brand in the 90s - has admitted her inspiration behind the company, which has since been bought by Estée Lauder, because she wanted simple and uncomplicated products suitable for ''everybody''.

She said: ''As a young make-up artist, I realised that beauty didn't need to be so complicated, so I set out to create products that would work for everybody. That's why when I started my company 25 years ago, I called it Bobbi Brown Essentials. I wanted it to be an edit of the essentials that would work on everyone, no matter their skintone or style.''

And the entrepreneur believes the products in her make-up line are ''timeless'' because they are the ''basic'' items, which are an essential item to have in everyone's make-up bag.

She explained: ''I still use the same colours now. They're timeless because they're basics.''

Meanwhile Bobbi has revealed she ''always'' has an eye shadow palette, a concealer and foundation with her.

Speaking about the cosmetics she can't live without, she said: ''In my make-up bag I always have an eye palette called Bobbi's Browns. Then I've got a corrector and concealer for under the eyes and two of my serum foundations.

''Make-up should be very simple, this is the core stuff that you need. Anything else is superfluous.''

And Bobbi believes there are a ''few fundamental skills'' in beauty, which have sadly been ''forgotten''.

She explained: ''There are a few fundamental skills every woman should know that have been forgotten in this age of mum make-up; how to brighten the eyes, apply blush, conceal imperfections and enhance the eyes.''

Meanwhile, the businesswoman has admitted she ''never'' contours her face, and is ''100 per cent against'' the make-up trend.

She said: ''I never contour. I'm 100 per cent against it.

''Contouring tells a woman something's wrong with their face.''