Bo Krsmanovic believes she falls in love too ''quickly''.

The 25-year-old model has admitted her biggest ''problem'' is that she falls head over heels for someone rapidly but her busy work schedule, which sees her travel a lot, makes it ''painful'' for her to keep up a romance because she constantly has to jet off across the globe, or she finds her partner has become jealous of her chaotic lifestyle.

Speaking about her love life in the April issue of Maxim magazine (, the brunette beauty said: ''The problem is I fall in love quickly, and I travel a lot, and that's a problem. My relationships have always finished with break-ups, or you meet a person and it's painful because you are away all the time, or there is jealousy and you fight every day.''

And the Serbian star - who appeared in Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issue in 2015 and again last year - loves nothing more than being in a relationship, and she has admitted all women in south east Serbia share the same mentality and are desperate to find ''true love''.

Bo - who is represented by The Lions Model Management - explained: ''I like to be in a relationship; I like to be in love. I think European women are a little more traditional. Where I come from, it's a little more family-oriented. Women are very focused on finding their true love.''

Although Bo has revealed she used to be ''shy'' when she posed in a skimpy underwear set, she now considers wearing barely any clothes as ''normal''.

Bo - whose full name is Bojana - said: ''In the past I was shy, but I got used to it. I got so comfortable ... it's part of the job. I'm used to being surrounded by a big group of people while I'm in a bikini. Now it's normal ... now I can be more free with myself. I can change clothes in front of my girlfriends. I am like, I am fine with it; people see me naked all the time.''