British singer JAMES BLUNT sold his little sister to a wealthy man on auction website eBay - and his sibling has enjoyed a nine-month romance with the lucky bidder and is moving in with him next month (SEP05).

The YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL star put his sister EMILY up for sale because she had no transport and needed a man to take her to a funeral.

And fortunately, a man bought the 27-year-old and flew her to the ceremony in his own helicopter.

Blunt explains, "She needed to get to a funeral in Ireland. It was within 24 hours and she couldn't get there. The trains, the ferries, the planes, nothing was working.

"And I have a problem with eBay addiction. I've eBayed the entire contents of our flat and have nothing left to sell. So I thought, 'This is a dream come true'. I eBayed her as a damsel in distress. People started bidding and this guy won because he had a helicopter.

"Now they've been going out for nine months and she's moving out of my flat and in with him.

"I have one sister left to flog on eBay."