BLUE singer DUNCAN JAMES says he dislikes pop romeo JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE - because he is "an arrogant a**hole".

Hunky Duncan, himself no stranger to sexy women, was angered after Justin turned down the chance of appearing on a charity CD put together by Blue's LEE RYAN.

Lee approached the ROCK YOUR BODY singer about anti-war song STAND UP FOR THE PEOPLE when he was in the UK with his JUSTIFIED tour.

Duncan says, "Lee said 'Mate, I'm in Blue, I've just done this CD, will you listen to it?'

"Justin just looked Lee up and down like he was a piece of sh*t. I made my mind up about him then.

"Justin - he's an a**hole. We've met him a few times. He hasn't impressed me. I thought he was arrogant and I don't like that."

"And if you asked Lee or ANT, they'd say the same - but probably in harsher words than me."

08/06/2003 14:12