With the high-definition video format now reduced to the single Blu-ray technology, it is expected that 29.4 million Blu-ray players will be installed in homes worldwide by the end of the year, according to a study by Strategy Analytics Connected Home Devices Services. As of January 1, 10.6 million Blu-ray players had already been sold, most of them included in Sony's PlayStation 3 consoles. Of the additional 18.8 million units expected to be sold this year, 13 million are likely to be included in PlayStatio n 3 consoles, 4 million in stand-alone set-tops, and 2 million in personal computers. Strategy Analytics projected that by 2012, 265 million homes worldwide will be equipped with high-definition TV sets and that 132 million Blu-ray players will be connected to them. David Mercer, principal analyst for Strategy Analytics said in a statement that those figures, plus "Hollywood's need for a new growth engine, represent huge incentives for the industry to coordinate marketing activities and demonstrate unif ied support for the successor to DVD."