HAIRSPRAY star NIKKI BLONSKY is unfazed by bullies who tease her over her plus-size figure - because she learnt to deal with harsh critics from a young age. The 18-year-old actress was teased as a child because she was curvier than other kids her age, but she soon understood why she was always targetted by the "insecure" bullies. She says, "I was constantly teased and made fun of and called every name in the book because I was short and curvaceous. "My parents and my grandparents told me from a very young age, people make fun of you because they're insecure about themselves. "So I came up with the motto of, well, if I can help people, this is the way I'm going to help. If they need to make fun of me to make themselves feel better, then they should feel better. Because frankly, I don't care if you make fun of me or not. It's not going to do anything to me."