Blonde request signed Chuckle Brothers photographs on their tour rider.

The British deep house duo - comprised of Jacob Manson and Adam Englefield - were huge fans of comedians Paul and the late Barry Chuckle's TV show 'ChuckleVision', which followed the silly siblings' antics and featured the famous catchphrase, 'to me, to you', and like to remember them by displaying the autographed pictures in their dressing room.

Jacob, who was left devastated by Barry's death earlier this month following a battle with cancer, told BANG Showbiz: ''For a quite a long time we've been asking for signed photos of The Chuckle Brothers on the rider, and we've been getting those. It's really tragic that we've lost Barry, but potentially our vast collection of signed Chuckle Brothers photos might go through the roof in terms of value, it could be an unexpected windfall.''

Adam revealed it's not just the comedy duo they have obtained signed photos of, but also the late 'Supermarket Sweep' host Dale Winton, who also died this year at the age of 62.

He added: ''We both have an extremely strange sense of humour, we don't just ask for The Chuckle Brothers we ask for signed photos of several beloved 90s entertainers, Dale Winton is on there as well, Barry from EastEnders. I don't know where it all started.

''They're all dying now, there may be a curse.''

Adam says he'd like to pay tribute to Barry by remixing the 'ChuckleVision' theme song.

He said: ''Maybe at the next show we could a remix of The Chuckle Vision theme and play it.

''It would be a cool tribute to him.''

Blonde's single 'Me, Myself & I' featuring Bryn Christopher is out now.