Pop punks BLINK-182 are to play a one-off gig this weekend in their native San Diego, California, to help fund a surfer pal's battle against bone cancer.

Professional surfer JASON BOGLE has been diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma - a form of bone cancer - and the trio have decided to perform a show at San Diego's 4TH + B club to pay tribute to one of their heroes and raise cash for him.

Friends and family have already raised $15,000 (GBP9,375) to help pay the cost of Bogle's treatment, but Blink-182 are convinced their fans can double that fee at their upcoming show on 6 September (03).

Meanwhile, the group played two shows at a US military base in Bahrain and the USS MEMPHIS in Kuwait earlier this week (beg25AUG03).

Frontman MARK HOPPUS says, "We don't really get involved in the whole political side of things. We went there because these guys are putting their lives on the line."

Hoppus gave his bass, signed by the band, to the captain of the Memphis.

28/08/2003 01:49