DUMPWEED rockers BLINK 182 have played two shows for troops in the Middle East.

The California, America three-piece have put aside their political opinions and anti-war stance because they feel the long-suffering soldiers deserve a break.

Bassist Mark Hoppus explains, "We don't really get involved in the political side of things, whether or not we should have gone to war. But we're going over there because these guys are putting their lives on the line."

Guitarist TOM DeLONGE, whose brother is stationed in Iraq, adds, "If any musician out there has a good heart, they will come out here and do something."

The ALL THE SMALL THINGS music-makers played one show at a military base in Bahrain and another on an aircraft carrier in Kuwait, before touring nuclear submarine the USS MEMPHIS and presenting the captain with a signed bass guitar.

07/09/2003 21:00