R+B superstar MARY J. BLIGE is turning her attentions to a career in Hollywood - but is terrified of making a fool of herself. The Without You singer has already auditioned for a couple of small film roles, but is in no rush to make her big-screen debut because she wants it to be the perfect part. She says, "It's my goal to do more acting if it works for me. I'm not trying to get into the film business just because I'm Mary J. Blige. I don't want to make a fool of myself with everybody laughing and talking about me like a dog. I want to get it right. "A lot of scripts have come my way. It's just about choosing the right one. I actually went to read for a film role and could have gotten the part. It was for a director who, being new himself, didn't want to take a chance on a new person. "So he wanted to go with a more seasoned actress. But the feedback I got behind the scenes was that I was great at my reading. So the word is out that I can do this."