Stuntman DAVID BLAINE suffered a panic attack towards the end of his 44-day fast in a box suspended above London's River Thames when he realised how ghoulish he was looking.

Blaine could tell something was wrong when he looked into the faces of a cameraman pal and the designer of his box, HARMONY, when they used a crane to get a look at him.

The pair looked horrified and Blaine was keen to find out why.

He says, "I said, 'What's wrong?' and they went, 'Nothing, nothing,' and I said, 'Harmony, what's wrong? How do I look... How do I really look?'

"He said, 'Honestly? You look really grey, you have white circles under your eyes and you look really gaunt and sucked in. It's really bad.'

"All of a sudden I started to panic and I couldn't breathe. I just laid down and practiced focusing on my breath for 10 minutes and it went away."

07/11/2003 16:54