David Blaine said Wednesday that he has no intention of attempting to repeat his recent breath-holding stunt and said that he is still suffering from "sharp shooting pains throughout my whole body," probably caused from the effects of being weightless for a week. In an interview with Larry King on CNN Wednesday, Blaine said that he failed to take into account the possible effects of being in a glass sphere set in the sun at Lincoln Center. "It intensified the sun and radiated my body, so the whole time I was in there, of course, I was not aware of it during the time because I was in water but now my whole -- all of my skin is blistered and painful and it's very difficult to move in any direction." He expressed disappointment at having to be rescued at the end of the week-long stunt and said that for his next stunt, "there will be no safety involved. It will be from point A to point B. Either you make it or you don't." When King asked, "In other words you could die?" Blaine responded, "I'm not going to die because I'm going to prepare and train and be as serious as I can." He said that he conceived the stunt -- which he declined to describe -- while inside the sphere last week.