Former BLAHZAY BLAHZAY rapper BLAHZ has told of the terrifying moment his car blew up on a US highway, leaving him in a coma with third degree burns. The hip-hop star's Cadillac SUV (sports utility vehicle) stalled on the New Jersey Expressway earlier this year (06). When Blahz got out to examine the engine it exploded so forcefully, it blew him almost 40 feet (12 metres) off the road. He suffered severe burns on his left arm and second degree burns over much of the rest of the left side of his body and remained unconscious for three weeks. Now Blahz admits the accident has left him wary of driving. He tells, "In the hood, Cadillacs traditionally represent status and fine American engineering. "But with after market additions of oversize rims and thousands of dollars of stereo and TV equipment, it can turn any vehicle into a bomb on wheels."