Former BLACK CROWE RICH ROBINSON worried about replicating the success of his former band when he first embarked on a solo career.

The REMEDY guitarist, who led the successful roots rockers with his brother CHRIS before they split in 2002, found it took time to adjust to playing to smaller crowds but relished taking on the responsibility of being a frontman.

Robinson, whose debut album PAPER has just been released, says, "Remember, there were six of us in The Black Crowes, plus two backing singers sometimes. So if something goes wrong it's a team success or a team failure.

"On your own you have to be prepared for nobody to show up to your gigs, and it's all down to you.

"On the first show I did, 30 people showed up. I mean, that's OK. Of course, I'd rather 10,000 people showed up, but those 30 had a good time."

21/12/2004 13:56