A New York tower block widely acknowledged as the birthplace of hip-hop is to be sold next week (begs29Sep08), despite efforts by rap pioneer DJ KOOL HERC to save the property.
Kool Herc - real name Clive Campbell - held a house party in a recreation room at Bronx block 1520 Sedgwick Avenue in August 1973, and many hip-hop historians credit that event as the unlikely spark for the genre.
The complex's owners announced plans to sell the tower block to real estate developers last year (07), prompting tenants to start a campaign rallying against the sale.
Residents were invited to buy the block for $14 million (GBP7.56 million), but they could only raise $11.5 million (GBP6.21 million).
They made a last-ditch attempt to save the property, filing a lawsuit against the landlords in the State Supreme Court, but their legal action was dismissed by a judge on Friday (26Sep08), allowing the developers to proceed with the deal.
The building is expected to be sold to real estate developer Mark Karasick's company in the coming days, according to Allhiphop.com.
Meanwhile, Herc isn't giving up on trying to save his former home - he says he'll be calling P Diddy, 50 Cent and other rap and hip-hop superstars to ask for a contribution.
The DJ introduced 'break beats' at a party he held for his sister Cindy at Sedgwick Avenue. His pioneering turntable skills thrilled guests and spread quickly throughout the neighbourhood.
When the apartment became overcrowded with the earliest hip-hop fans, Herc was forced to close the party down and relocate to a nearby park, where he performed his new technique well into the night.