Photographer LARRY BIRKHEAD is considering following Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's example and releasing his own new family photograph with baby Dannielynn in a bid to quash a paparazzi battle for the first shot. Birkhead was officially named the biological father of tragic model Anna Nicole Smith's baby girl on Tuesday (10Apr07) and is already contemplating the madness that will surround his return to California with his daughter. He tells US news show Access Hollywood, "I think the best thing is to get a picture out there of the two of us together and that takes the chase off. "If there's any proceeds from that, put it in a trust for the baby and everybody wins. Then we go away and hopefully everybody will leave us alone and hopefully give us privacy." But before Birkhead can leave the Bahamas with his baby girl, he has to attend a custody hearing later today (13Apr07), where the child's future home and upbringing decisions will be made. Jolie and Pitt ended a paparazzi furore to land the first pictures of them with baby Shiloh last year (06) when they released family photos to America's People magazine.