LATEST: Rapper BRYAN 'BABY' WILLIAMS aka Birdman has hit back at reports claiming he has been arrested on drugs and weapons charges. Reports suggested Williams was arrested on Tuesday night (27Nov07) for allegedly possessing marijuana. He has also been linked to possible gun offences. The rapper was among 16 people detained in Kingsport, Tennessee when police raided his RV (recreational vehicle) after Williams' driver made an improper lane change. Police allegedly found large amounts of marijuana hidden in a rubbish bin and guns - but the rap star has declared that the story has been blown out of proportion. He tells MTV News, "We got arrested for a misdemeanour amount of marijuana... The police just found something minor in a garbage can the dog sniffed. We all got out on bond." And, as for the guns the police found, Williams insists they were all legally owned by his security personnel, who were travelling with him. He adds, "The guns we had were good. I do carry a gun and I am licensed. Tennessee is one of the states I can tote in. We know the guidelines." Williams also fired back at incorrect reports suggesting a woman involved in the incident was his wife: "I'm not married... plus that girl was 18! I don't get down like that!" Williams and his entourage are due in court in March (07), but he says, "Hopefully all the charges will be dropped by then, and we won't have to go to court."