BILLY BOB THORNTON suffers from sleeping disorder insomnia - because he's afraid to close his eyes.

The quirky actor, who admits to being "creeped out" by photographs of BENJAMIN DISRAELI and antique chairs, reveals he has suffered night terrors ever since his brother died in his sleep in 1988.

He says, "I've always had a problem with insomnia. Not that I ever like to go to bed early, but it's gotten really bad over the last few years.

"I just realised the reason I'm afraid to fall asleep at night is because my brother died in his sleep."

The death of his brother on 3 October, 1988, has scarred Thornton for life - and he always finds October to be the most miserable month.

He adds, "I always feel strange around then, I'm not sure why."

11/12/2003 02:30