The band is made up of 12 musicians, who are bringing Puerto Rican bomba music to a wider audience thanks to their debut album Otro Formato de Musica. The record is in the running for two Billboard Latin Music Awards, contending for the Tropical Album prize and Tropical Albums Artist of the Year, Duo or Group award.

"My idea was to take this native music and give it fresh lyrics," Hiram told Billboard. "But nothing dirty. I want it to be music that everyone can listen to."

La Tribu De Abrante, whose members include Hiram's brothers and son, mixes rap and reggaeton with bomba and Puerto Rican plena. The group were signed by Puerto Rican indie label White Lion Records, after making a name for themselves on the San Juan club scene.

"People need to refresh their ears. The success we've had so far has come from going against the current. I think we're going to reach a lot of people who aren't Puerto Rican as well," Hiram smiled.

The Billboard Latin Music Awards take place at the Billboard Latin Music Conference on 24-27 April (17) at the Ritz-Carlton Miami Beach.