British TV actor JEFF STEWART has vehemently denied reports he tried to kill himself, insisting he is recovering from an emotional breakdown. The star of British TV show THE BILL was hospitalised after collapsing last week (ends10SEP06) - but after a stint at London detox clinic The Priory, he is simply glad to be alive. Stewart says, "It's true I was in a bit of a state. In fact I'd hit rock bottom and was on medication. But there is no way I would ever take my own life and I can't really explain what happened that evening. I was probably in a worse state than I was prepared to admit - and I did go to the Priory for a few days to get back on my feet. "I'm back home now and I'm feeling fit and strong enough to return to work. "The Bill has given me a great focus in life and this recent illness has renewed my relish for acting and for life in general."