Actor Bill Murray has been tested for drink-driving after being stopped by police in Sweden while driving a golf cart in Stockholm's city centre.

The star refused to take a breath test, citing US constitutional reasons, but gave a blood test at a police station.

The station's police commander, Jan-Olov Lundgren, told the Reuters news agency that Murray has been "very calm and friendly. No problem at all".

The Lost in Translation star was in Sweden to participate in the Scandinavian Masters golf tournament.

Murray, 56, admitted he had had alcohol and police said he would only be charged if tests showed he exceeded the legal limit.

Detective Inspector Christer Holmlund said that if the test did show he was over the limit, a fine was more likely than any other punishment as there "were no obvious signs" that he was "tipsy".

The head of the golf tournament reacted similarly calmly to Murray 'borrowing' a golf cart.

Fredrik Nilsmark said: "I don't hold any grudge against Bill Murray for borrowing our cart for a while."

Murray is the star of films such as Where the Buffalo Roam, Ghost Busters and Groundhog Day.

23/08/2007 11:39:00