Forty-eight of the 62 domestic IMAX theaters showing Warner Bros.' 300 last weekend set all-time ticket-sales records, with 57 theaters also reporting sell-outs, IMAX and Warner Bros. said Tuesday. The film, which commands premium prices on the super-sized IMAX screens, averaged $58,000 per screen. Moreover, the companies said, the movie posted an additional $700,000 -- or $11,300 per screen -- on Monday. In a statement, IMAX Filmed Entertainment Chairman and President Greg Foster said, "Our partnership with Warner Bros. Pictures and our teams' joint marketing and distribution efforts have resulted in more audiences wanting to experience the 300 fever in IMAX's immersive format, and based on what we're hearing from our theaters and the opening weekend results, word of mouth about this fantastic film is spreading quickly." Warner Bros. distribution chief Dan Fellman said that the studio was "beyond excited" by the results.