DWAYNE 'THE ROCK' JOHNSON's upcoming 'Big Trouble in Little China' will be a continuation rather than a remake of the 1986 original.

The 46-year-old actor has been attached to the project since 2015 and while some fans of the original movie were fearful about the prospect of a remake, it's now been confirmed that won't actually be the case.

Hiram Garcia, the president of production at Seven Bucks Productions and one of the producers on 'Big Trouble in Little China', told Collider: ''There's a lot of things going on with ['Big Trouble in Little China'].

''We are in the process of developing that, and let me tell you, the idea is not to actually remake 'Big Trouble in Little China'. You can't remake a classic like that, so what we're planning to do is we're going to continue the story.''

The original movie featured Kurt Russell in the role of a truck driver called Jack Burton who becomes involved with an unusual conflict in San Francisco's Chinatown.

Hiram explained where the upcoming film will fit in the context of the first movie.

He said: ''We're going to continue the universe of 'Big Trouble in Little China'. Everything that happened in the original exists and is standalone and I think there's only one person that could ever play Jack Burton, so Dwayne would never try and play that character. So we are just having a lot of fun.

''We're actually in a really great space with the story that we've cracked. But yeah, no remake. It is a continuation, and we are deep into development on that as well, and I think you'll start hearing some things about that probably soon.''