Big Shaq has asked Noel Gallagher to perform 'Wonderwall' with him.

The former Oasis star recently revealed he's a huge fan of the 'Man's Not Hot' rapper, and now he's said he'd like to ''chop it up'' on stage performing the 1995 classic from the Britpop group's seminal LP '(What's the Story) Morning Glory?' with the 50-year-old rocker.

In a video shared on Radio X's website, Big Shaq - whose real name is Michael Dapaah - says: ''Man like Noel. Get my number just DM me on Twitter. I'll send you the number then obviously we can chop it up, you understand 'cause like mans international now. Check the statistics.

''You get me, like. My schedules kinda busy now. But I like you and I appreciate you know what I'm saying.

''I think it's an honour, you know what I'm saying?''

Afterwards, Big Shaq, 26, started belting out the lyrics, but didn't quite get them right.

It comes after Noel invited the grime star on tour with him.

Asked how he discovered the rapper, Noel - who has 17-year-old daughter Anais, whom he has with ex-wife Meg Matthews, and sons Sonny, seven, and 10-year-old Donovan with his spouse Sara MacDonald - revealed:

''I came back from New York the other day and I was in the kitchen with my two lads who, as you know, are ten and seven.

''I told one of them to take his hoodie off while he's having his lunch. He said - and I'd never heard it before - he said, 'Mans not hot'.

''I was like, what? And he went, 'Mans not hot'. And I went, 'Who's not hot?'. And he went 'Man'.

''He was going on about Big Shaq. I'd never heard of this Big Shaq before, until three days ago. Man it's the funniest thing I've ever seen.

''I was watching this Big Shaq feller and I was thinking it can't be real. It turns out he's comedian called Michael Dappah. And he's a genius. He's the funniest thing I've ever seen on the internet.''

Asked if he'd like to bring him out at his shows, he said: ''Oh, I'd love to. If you're listening Michael, get in touch we'll do some gigs, it'll be amazing!''

And Big Shaq accepted, saying: ''Yeah I think it will be special for the people, you know. We gotta give them something eplectical and electical and electrical.''