Big Shaq has released a follow-up to his hit song 'Man's Not Hot'.

Comedian Michael Dapaah - who performs as his alter ego Big Shaq - has dropped new track 'Man Don't Dance', a sequel to the major hit spoof grime record he released last year, which he hopes will ''make history''.

Announcing the track, which is out now, on Instagram, Michael wrote: ''It's HERE!!.....Big Shaq's Official New Track 'Man Don't Dance' Out NOW on all digital platforms Worldwide Link in my Bio to get it NOW!!! Let's create more History My G's. Thank you in advance


#SWIL2Next (sic)''

The 26-year-old actor-and-musician previously admitted he didn't feel any pressure to top 'Man's Not Hot' and just wants to keep enjoying himself.

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''For me, it's the same formula man. I just enjoy what I do, and that's the most important thing. I'll continue just enjoying creating. With 'Man's Not Hot', with everything to do with Shaq and any other character that I do, I just enjoy what I do, and I just stick to that.''

Speaking out of character, Michael revealed he is ''constantly'' writing and creating new material but it never feels like work to him because he loves what he does so much.

He said: ''I'm in my little dungeon creating all the time and so it's no pressure for me, it's just constantly enjoying it man. Once you stop enjoying creating, that's when it starts being like a job, and it's never like a job for me.''

On the subject of Big Shaq, the sky is the limit, with a lot more planned for the rapper.

Michael added: ''Everything, man. Big Shaq, he stems from my web series called #SWIL, so the second season of that's coming out. More comedy, more music, more everything.''

Asked about the possibility of Shaq branching out into food and other side products, it could be an option one day.

Michael coyly said: ''Let's wait for it ... I have no clue, mate. You're just going to have to wait and see, bro.''