LATEST: The two men ejected from Australian reality TV show Big Brother insist their alleged sexual assault on a female housemate was a practical joke that has been "blown out of proportion". MICHAEL 'ASHLEY' COX and MICHAEL 'JOHN' BRIC were removed from the house on Saturday (01JUL06) after they were caught on camera "turkey slapping" CAMILLA HALLIWELL - Bric held her down in bed while Cox slapped her around the face with his genitals. The incident provoked outrage - Australian Prime Minister John Howard called for the show to be axed - but the pair insist they were "mucking around". Cox says, "It was just a practical joke and Camilla knew this. We were mucking around, having a good time, and obviously we didn't intend on hurting Camilla in any way. "Obviously she has been a little bit hurt. I also saw the tabloids and what has been said about us... It's a massive mix-up and we're so sorry about it all." Bric adds, "This is an incident that has been blown way out of proportion."