Reformed rock wildman Bez has blasted Britain's Labour Party over its stance on controversial shale gas drilling, accusing its members of failing to stand up for the U.K. population.

The Happy Mondays dancer, who is pursuing a new career as an environmentalist and would-be politician, attended a rally outside a council office in Lancashire, England on Wednesday (28Jan15) as officials inside debated plans to open new fracking sites in Britain.

It followed a key House of Commons vote on the issue earlier in the week (beg26Jan15) which killed campaigners' hopes for a delay in the proposal when Members of Parliament (Mps) overwhelmingly rejected calls for a moratorium on the issue.

In an interview with Sky News from the site of the protest Bez, real name Mark Berry, rounded on Britain's opposition party and accused its Mps of failing the electorate by refusing to back a moratorium.

He said, "First of all, (I'm here) to raise awareness about fracking and the issues that come with it, and also to let people know that the Labour government (sic) as the opposition let the people down by abstaining on the vote for a moratorium and putting it to the people whether we want fracking or not... I feel like I have to stand and raise awareness. The future is not looking too bright for the people of Britain... We should be engaged and part of the decision making."

Bez plans to run in the U.K.'s general election this year (15) in a bid to become an Mp for the Reality Party, but his hopes were dealt a potentially devastating blow when it emerged the group has been removed from the list of runners because officials fear the name is too similar to the previously registered Realists' Party.