Designer Mark Zunino admits it was ''wonderful'' working with Beyonce on outfits for her upcoming tour.

The celebrity designer has created a $20,000 beige-coloured beaded jumpsuit for the 'Lemonade' singer to wear when she embarks on the On The Run II tour with husband Jay-Z, and Mark revealed the star already knew what she wanted when she came to see him.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, he said: ''I have three jumpsuits and some personal clothes that I'm making and she's wonderful.

''What everybody likes is the fact that they can move and dance, and it's not going anywhere.

''She is quick and she's definite, and that's wonderful. Women like that have been exposed to so much ... they know what it's going to look like on them, so it makes it really easy. [She said] 'Show me beaded, solid beaded things,' and I was like, 'Do you want something hand-beaded or pre-beaded?' And she goes, 'Pre-beaded is OK.'''

Mark wanted to design outfits the 36-year-old singer could move in during her shows, which typically feature impressive dance choreography.

He also revealed the outfits he designs for each celebrity are based on how each star performs on stage.

Mark explained: ''Shows are really specific because [of the] dance moves, that was the thing with Jennifer [Lopez], she's really moving. Like with Britney Spears, she moves, but it's not so technical, to the clothing. The same thing with Mariah [Carey]. But Beyoncé, you never know, because she is all over the stage, so her stuff, it's got to be you can do anything.''

Mark also said Beyonce is responsible for starting trends with her performance outfits and after he decided to dress her in a jumpsuit, other stars started to follow suit.

He explained: ''I started with her when no one was wearing them. Then everybody started wearing them, she still wears them, and now everyone is in the vibe where a jumpsuit is normal.''