British singer Beverley Craven remains separated from her children two years after her divorce was finalised.

The Promise Me hitmaker walked out on her husband, lyricist Colin Campsie, after 16 years of marriage and decided to let him continue living in the former couple's marital home with their three daughters, Mollie, Brenna and Connie.

However, plans to sell the six-bedroom mansion in Buckinghamshire, England fell through as they failed to find a buyer for the property, so Craven has been stuck renting a small apartment nearby ever since the split.

Craven admits she hates being separated from her girls, but doesn't regret ending her marriage, telling Britain's Daily Mail newspaper, "It was my career which pretty much paid for the marital home, but now I can't live in it. I didn't want the children to be out of their home when we split up but I couldn't stay there with Colin - it would have been a domestic war zone. I need to get this house sold so I can move on with my life.

"I initially let Colin and the girls live there to avoid disrupting their home life, but I didn't realise this horrible situation would go on this long. I used to spend a lot of evenings sobbing on my own, but I've never regretted asking for a divorce."