Veteran Australian entertainer Bert Newton is to undergo quadruple bypass heart surgery this week (beg19Nov12).

The 74-year-old Tv personality saw a doctor on Wednesday (21Nov12) after complaining of chest pains and he was immediately admitted to Epworth Hospital in Melbourne.

He is scheduled to undergo the major operation on Saturday (24Nov12), and now admits he should have seen a doctor sooner instead of putting his discomfort down to indigestion.

Newton says, "Obviously it's not the sort of thing you would wish upon yourself, but I am philosophical... It's brought it home to me, all the things that I've been saying about what men should do, I should have been a little bit more closer to it myself. Because I've had some chest pains and I sort of fobbed them off and said you know, it's indigestion or whatever... and I came in for a check up because I had some stents in my heart, and turns out it's a little more serious then that."

The star is expected to spend at least two weeks in hospital after the five-hour surgery.

He was previously hospitalised earlier this year (12) to clear a blockage from a stent in his heart.