LATEST: Late wrestling star CHRIS BENOIT murdered his seven-year-old son with his trademark ring move, the Crippler Crossface, according to police. The WWE fighter, 40, asphyxiated his wife Nancy and son Daniel last month (22-23Jun07), before hanging himself a day later (24Jun07). Police investigating the case believe he may have employed a version of his famed `finishing move' to kill his young son - because marks on the boy's body match those on victims of Benoit in the ring. District Attorney Scott Ballard says, "A choke hold was used, rather than hands. There's no bruising consistent with strangulation by hands." American wrestling writer Dave Meltzer adds, "There was bruising consistent with the Crippler Crossface on one arm and Daniel's face. There were no bruises on his neck. "But police don't believe, because of the size difference, that the hold was applied exactly as in a wrestling match." In the ring, the Crippler Crossface involved placing an arm of a floored opponent between Benoit's legs, locking his hands around their face and pulling back to stretch their neck."