Movie classic BEN HUR is to be turned into a live action show for a new London spectacular.
German producer Franz Abraham has spent the last 15 years devising the multi-million dollar production and it will finally be seen by audiences when it debuts at the capital's O2 Arena next year (09).
The show will feature special light, sound, water, wind and pyrotechnic effects, as well as 100 animals, including horses, donkeys, camels, chickens and eagles.
The highlight of the epic promises to be the climatic chariot race as depicted by Charlton Heston in the Oscar winning 1959 film, based on the novel Ben Hur - A Tale of Christ by Lew Wallace.
The historical story will be played out with a full symphonic soundtrack created by Hollywood producer Klaus Badelt.
Abraham says, "I have aimed to create something completely new, with a high level of artistry, that would excite the audience. The show will have the speed of a musical, the depth of great theatre, the power of a rock concert and the visual opulence of a Hollywood blockbuster."
Ben Hur Live will have its world premiere on 15 September 2009.