Ben de Lisi thinks Lady GaGa's meat dress was ''laughable''.

The 59-year-old fashion designer has confessed he giggled when he saw the 'Pokerface' hitmaker's outrageous outfit - a gown made out of raw beef - at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards and believes she is pushing the boundaries of fashion too far.

When discussing Gaga's controversial look, he exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''It's just theatrics, quite frankly. Did I giggle? Yes I giggled. Did I respect it? I respect her bravery. I think much more to the fact that she and her stylist decided to wear prime cut beef in a dress, I mean, that wasn't a dress, it was a costume, it was an installation art that she was part of. ''Fashion is certainly about pushing the boundaries, but there comes a point where it just becomes laughable and I think that's what that was.''

US-born Ben - who alongside creating stunning gowns for A-List celebrities, recently designed a limited edition Ryvita Tin for the popular crispbread brand - insists the 28-year-old singer will come to regret her ''bizarre'' fashion choices in the future.

He explained: ''When she becomes a seasoned woman of a certain age, those photographs of her wearing sirloin meat around her will come back to haunt her.''

He added: ''That's her benchmark, she likes to shock. She's just worn recently a body suit - an all in one body suit leotard - with a photograph of the private parts of a black man, which was big and bold and large on her body and I thought that was quite bizarre.''

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