SAW star Tobin Bell gets the most out of the teenagers in the American football team he coaches by conducting pre-game chats as the villainous JIGSAW. The actor adopts his terrifying torturer character's voice whenever he thinks the 13-year-olds need a scary boost. He explains, "The kids say to me all the time, `We'll do this drill but just do the voice of Jigsaw for us,' so I'll do something like, `Suffering, you haven't seen anything yet.'" Bell admits he's often approached by kids who have seen the Saw trilogy - even though they're often too young to legally see the films. He adds, "There were these kids on skateboards and about eight of them came to talk to me and they said, `Wow, you're the man,' and I said, `Yeah, I guess so,' because I know which man I think they're talking about. "I ask them what they like about the movies and they say, `They teach us stuff, like, when you said to the detective, if you knew the exact moment of your own death how would that change how you live your life?' "The fact that this kid is 13 and talking about something that was said in Saw II means that, amidst the intense scenes and violence, they hear philosophical ideas about survival of the fittest."