Popstar VICTORIA BECKHAM shuns the expensive salons of London in favour of $32 (GBP20) haircuts in her local village.

The singer formerly known as POSH SPICE, who is frequently spotted cruising the designer boutiques of the British capital's Bond Street, prefers to save her cash when it comes to getting her locks trimmed - according to British celebrity magazine HEAT.

Insiders at THE BOX salon in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire - near Victoria's parents' pad - say the singer is a regular visitor to the purple-painted parlour, where she gets cut price trims from her old school pal GILL.

A source says, "Posh has been coming here for some time now. She pops in whenever she's in town for a wet cut and blow-dry. She doesn't sit out on the shop floor - we put her in the stockroom for a bit of privacy.

"Victoria just pops in at the very last minute.

"It's always a quick operation as Posh arrives at the salon with wet hair. She's a lovely girl though and always has tons of gossip to share."

Fans will be stunned by the extravagant star's frugal ways, and a friend of the singer confesses Victoria will be humiliated by the revelations, adding, "She'll be embarrassed when this gets out. She like to be known for being classy - not cheap."

12/08/2003 20:57